Hornbill Festival 2016
Dec. 1 to Dec. 10

Hornbill tidbits

Celebrities at Hornbill festival
As the festival grows more popular each year, the list of celebrities visiting Hornbill has also grown longer. Here are 5 of them who has been to the festival in the recent past. Read more

Naga King Chilli sold at Rs. 50,000 per Kg in Japan
Capsicum Chinense or Naga King Chili, the hottest chili on earth is being sold at Rs 50, 000 (814 USD) per kg in Japan. The staggering price of the chili grown in North Eastern region of India was noted when Manipur principal secretary, commerce and industries visited Japan recently. Experts have observed that Naga chilli has many medicinal benefits. If marketed well, its export can boost local economy.

Hornbill Festival - Woodstock of the North East
Kamal Jyoti Deka, after visiting the Hornbill festival called it 'the Woodstock of North East India'. He shares his wonderful pictures and experiences of his visit. Read more